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NACE Inspection Services

Canadian Coating Inspections (CCI) has the technical knowledge, vast network of professional inspectors and consultants, and the expertise to provide a single or multi person support system to clients. Support can encompass Client’s requirements for small fabrication projects up to providing an entire quality team on a mega project in the Oil and Gas Industry. CCI is one of the leading firms in providing NACE Specialized Services in Canada.

Building a reputation on integrity, honesty, and professionalism, CCI strives to become the company of choice by leading the way in NACE Coating Services.

Sectors of Services

Sectors of services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Oil & Gas
    • New Fabrication
    • Fabrication  Maintenance
    • Shop & Field Services
  • Marine
    • New Shipbuilding
    • Ship Refit
    • Ship Repair
    • Light Houses & Marine Aids
  • Industrial
    • Refineries
    • Process Plants
    • Tanks
    • Bridge
    • Industrial Buildings
  • Pipeline
    • Pipelines

NACE Specialized Services

  • Provides a Network of third party NACE Coating Inspectors that oversees and reviews inspection activities prior, during, and after the Coating project
  • Level I, II, and III NACE Coating Inspection Services
  • Level III NACE Coating Inspections with Rope Access Capabilities 
  • NACE Coating Testing Services
  • Coating Project Management
  • Coating Consulting Services 
  • Develop and participate in Hazard Assessments for Large Scale Coating Projects 
  • Specification, procedure and general coating documentation preparation and review 
  • Coating Procedure Testing (CPT)
  • Qualifications of Applicators
  • Vendor Selection and Surveillance
  • Third Party Auditing of Sub-Contractors for large scale Oil & Gas Projects
  • Failure Analysis & Dispute Resolution
  • Coating Cost Estimating
  • Project Planning and Pre-Job Facility set up for large scale projects
  • Review close out packages after completion of work scopes
  • Coating Application Completion Dossier Packages 

Certified Coating Inspection and Consulting firm located in Newfoundland & Labrador Canada.