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Corrosion Surveys

Canadian Coating Inspections Ltd (CCI) is pleased to offer its clients our Corrosion Survey services. CCI will help asset owners navigate through the complexity of assessing various stages of corrosion and provide a detailed plan for repair, mitigation and life cycle cost.


  • Marine Vessels
  • Bridges & Transportation
  • Lighthouses & Marine Aids
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Refineries  
  • Tank Farms 
  • Pipe Lines 
  • Stored Assets
  • Industrial Infrastructure 
  • Commercial Infrastructure 
  • Plus more..

Service Highlights:

  • Detailed Corrosion Survey
  • Schedule of Remediation 
  • Cost Estimates
  • Provide Specifications
  • Provide Inspection Test Plans 
  • NACE Inspection Services
  • Contractor Selection 
  • Contactor Surveillance
  • Planned Mitigation & Coating Life Cycles 
  • Future Cost Savings

Certified Coating Inspection and Consulting firm located in Newfoundland & Labrador Canada.